Sick without Papers

We help and advise you so that you can get medical treatment regardless of your residency and insurance status, and if possible, obtain health insurance. In recent years, we've worked to establish a clearing center with a health fund in the "Region Hannover". We can now refer many people there to get help. Here, you can learn how it works. If you have questions, feel free to call us or send us a message.

The "Clearingstelle"

The "Clearingstelle" of the Region Hannover assists people who are not medically insured in obtaining health insurance. If that's not possible, the Clearingstelle issues a medical voucher to those affected, which allows them to visit a doctor's office and receive medication from the pharmacy. The treatment voucher can be issued anonymously upon request. The costs for treatment (up to 5,000€) are covered by the "Health Fund of the Region Hannover."

What conditions must be met to receive a medical treatment voucher?

1. No existing health insurance

The Clearingstelle helps you find health insurance or realize other entitlements with service providers such as the social welfare office. If the Clearingstelle's review is negative, you might be entitled to a treatment voucher.

2. No financial means to pay for the treatment yourself

If you have the financial means to privately fund the treatment, you must do so.

3. Usual residence in the Region Hannover for at least 3 months

If your main place of residence / domicile is not in the Region Hannover, unfortunately, you are not entitled to a medical voucher. In that case, please contact us directly at MediNetz Hannover.

If these conditions are met, please feel free to contact the Clearingstelle of the Region Hannover directly.

insert_phone 0511-21339166
insert_phone 0157-82211497
insert_schedule Personal appointments by arrangement

If these conditions are not met, or you are uncertain, please feel free to contact us.

insert_phone 0176 811 196 54
insert_schedule Personal appointments by arrangement

Procedure for obtaining and using a medical treatment voucher

Further information about the Clearingstelle with Health Fund

  • The Clearingstelle is a collaborative project of the Diakonisches Werk Hannover and the Caritasverband Hannover e. V. and is promoted as a model project by the Region Hannover and the state of Lower Saxony.
    • The Clearingstelle does not have its own website, but contact details can be taken from the Diakonisches Werk's website (Link), Caritas (Link), or the "Gesundheit für Alle" alliance website (Link).
  • Some treatments, such as inpatient childbirth, cannot be billed through the health fund at the moment
    We continue to advocate for the consolidation and expansion of the project.
  • The relevant decision documents for implementation with a comprehensive description can be found in the session management of the Region Hannover:
    • BDs.: 2412 (IV) Promotion and safeguarding of health care for people in special life situations
    • BDs: 0565 Establishment of a health fund for people without secure access to medical care.
  • Further information can be found on the Knowledge page.